Towers. Power Tower. Tower of Terror. Call it what you want, its a blast to play!

Towers is a dice game, up to 5 people can play and the object is to roll 6’s. Each person gets one di

The order goes Tap Beer-Coaster, Mixed Drink-Coaster, Bomb Shot-Coaster, Shot. First 6 rolled calls the Beer, second 6 calls the Mixed Drink, etc. Once the tower is built, you start tearing it down. First 6 takes the Shot, second 6 takes a Coaster, then Bomb Shot, Coaster, ect.

When you get down to the Tap Beer, the last 6 slams it. It’s now a race, and everyone [at once] tries to roll a 6 before it’s finished. Rolling starts once it touches lips, and if everyone rolls a 6 before it’s finished the drinker buys the tower. If the beer is finished before all 6’s are rolled [keep going!], the last 6 has to buy.

I’ve seen pictures of variations like Pyramids and Twin Towers, Comment below if you play differently!

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