We get a lot of Beer Dart submissions, here is a brief explanation

▪️ To play, you need a minimum of 2 players spaced about 10ft from each other and a full beer placed at your feet.

▪️ Only one dart is used, unless you have a large group (more than 8).

▪️ Take turns throwing as you get thrown to, and you can throw your dart at anyone besides your neighbor.

▪️ If your can is hit, immediately drink your beer until it no longer comes out of the hole.

▪️ Three hits to the same can is a kill, finish it.

▪️ A hit to the top of the can is a shotgun chug/kill. You also have the option to stack (two cans).

▪️ If you play with a sidearm (beer in hand), non-sticking deflections and punctures above the beer level are a drink. If you stick your opponent instead of their beer, you drink.

Feel free to add variations in the comments or send in pictures of your Beer Dart setup!

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