MillerCoors has just announced the Wisconsin Pak, which will be on store shelves in Wisconsin only beginning August 1, 2016. Dubbed the Heavy Load of Cold, the Wisconsin Pak contains 60 twelve ounce cans of Coors Light. The reason for the new packaging? Coors Light recently overtook Bud Light as the #1 selling beer in the state.

When asked if the 60 can packaging will be offered in other states, MillerCoors noted, “Collectively, no other citizens drink beer like Wisconsin’s. It would end up being on the shelf too long to be practical. By comparison, the Wisconsin consumer will drink a 60-pack in little more than a week.”

On Wisconsin!

It should serve as no surprise that 12 of the 20 Drunkest Cities in America are in this good-time state: Appleton, Oshkosh, Green Bay, Madison, La Crosse, Fond du Lac, Eau Claire, Wausau, Sheboygan, Racine, Janesville, and Milwaukee.



  1. ROCK ON WISCONSIN . Thanks COORS LIGHT ! Correctly that 60 pack will be gone within that day if not by the next morning . It’s WISCONSIN and WISCONSIN RAPIDS should be on that list of WISCONSIN cities . Lol


  2. I would buy Coors Light more often but the longer skinnier can just doesnt fit in the mini fridge door can dispenser typically found in home bars across the nation …mine included. ~Wausau WI


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